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One of our specialties is designing for aging clients or clients who have physical challenges.  Aging-in-Place addresses the home environment and how if adapted properly would allow people to safely and comfortably be able to stay in their homes as they age and / or have progressive health issues.  Aging-in-Place is important for: any individual age 55+, someone with a progressive health issue, or adult children who have aging parents.

Aging-in-Place is more than barrier-free, Universal Design, grab bars, ADA, wider doorways and hallways.  Aging-in-Place customizes the built environment per an individual’s needs for years to come, offering more security and protection, investing in designs that allow a person to live, without an institutional or hospital appearance.  Aging-in-Place encompasses a person’s physical, emotional and social needs.

If you’re considering doing any kind of renovations to your home, we suggest you consider if those modifications will allow you to “Age-in-Place” or allow others who have physical challenges be able to visit your home.  We can modify your existing home, design a new “retirement home” or create an “in-law suite” for your parents or in-laws, that fits your current and future needs and is aesthetically pleasing.

Pure Dwelling is dedicated to helping individuals “Age-in-Place” or “Age-at-Home” with independence, comfort, inspiration and security.

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Accessible Living Solutions

Looking for accessible solutions without the institutional or hospital appearance – we can help. We specialize in functional spaces that look beautiful.

  • Accessible bathroom design
  • Accessible kitchen design
  • Open concept floor plan design
  • Additions
  • New home design
  • In-law suite
  • Barrier-free entrance
  • Barrier-free patios and gardens
  • Home elevators
  • Entrance ramps
  • Entrance ramps that blend with the landscaping

Enhanced Independent Safe Living Package

How friendly is your home?  Can you live in it if you are facing health or aging issues?

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a health issue, Veteran with injuries, or are concerned about aging that may cause you mobility issues or physical challenges in the future?  If you could make your home more comfortable and functional; allowing you to stay in it – the best time to address it is before you’re facing these challenges.

We will initially conduct, an Accessible Living Assessment for Your Home, by thoroughly inspecting it to find out how “friendly” and accommodating it will be for you.  If you’re facing urgent needs, we can help to quickly remedy these too.

The evaluation will include:
1. Entrances
2. Pathway travel
3. Kitchen
4. Bathroom(s)
6. Sleeping & Living areas
7. Work areas (if applicable)

As a follow-up to the evaluation, we will provide a detailed report of what needs to be addressed and we’ll personally walk you through it.

After the evaluation, we are here to help you get the work done and make your home more livable and beautiful.  We can provide plans for any remodeling or updating necessary, help you with material and furnishing selections, work with your medical team and medical equipment provider, if available, and help you fulfill the plans by managing the construction phase.  Each plan is customized depending on the client’s current and future needs.


Non-urgent Planning for Future

When approaching the age 50+ it’s important to plan for the future.  Investing in universal design or accessibility home modifications now will help create a safer home for the future; helping you stay active and independent longer.  These home modification investments also make more sense financially when comparing them to the increasing costs of Assisted Living and Nursing Care Facilities.

You may have recently known someone that has become disabled or had severe health issues; where you’ve seen their struggles first hand or you’re an adult child concerned about your parents or are considering creating an in-law suite in your home.  The favorable time to investigate your options is now.

Accessible Bath

Progressive Health Needs

If you have been diagnosed with a health condition such as:

– Huntington’s disease
– Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
– Arthritis / Rheumatism
– Parkinson’s disease
– ALS /Lou Gerhig’s disease
– Dementia
– Alzheimer’s disease
– Visual impairment
– Hearing impairment

We can implement immediate home modifications while considering future needs for you that can be adjusted as needs progress.  We can customize a plan specifically directed toward your disease or health condition. Additionally, we can work with your medical team to insure everything is addressed.

Traumatic Change Needs

For individuals who have recently suffered a:
– Stroke
– Heart attack
– Traumatic brain injury
– Cancer
– Fall or accident

We can implement immediate urgent home modifications and plan for your ongoing needs.  We will try to accommodate the work around your hospital stay or we will develop special health accommodations for you if you will be in the home while construction is in progress.  We understand the seriousness of being able to maintain the highest level of healthy living during the construction process.