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Cynthia Brown, NCIDQ, WRID, CAPS
Owner, Interior Designer

Cynthia has twenty-two years of experience in the interior design field. She has helped numerous clients by creating beautiful interior spaces for them so that they may more fully enjoy their homes and assist their businesses to prosper.

Prior to starting her own design firm in 2011, Cynthia designed and branded luxury home furnishings, that have won numerous awards and can be found in over tens of million homes across the world.  She also succeeded in helping to forecast global color and design trends through the Color Marketing Group, a professional color and trend forecasting organization.  For commercial projects, her interior design skills paired with her marketing, consumer insights and behavior, trend forecasting and branding talents create interior environments that produce the ultimate customer experience.   In addition, her keen understanding of how products are manufactured and exceptional quality standards helps her discern desirable product and material choices for her clients.

Cynthia has earned degrees in interior design, marketing and fine art along with a certificate in Aging-in-Place (CAPS).   She continues to educate herself in the field, including learning about new materials and products, sustainable design, advance lighting techniques, and color psychology – how different colors affect our moods, behaviors, health and well-being.  Cynthia is an artist, mother, animal lover and advocate for interior materials and spaces that are supportive to people’s health and well-being.

Cynthia Brown Interior Designer

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Impeccable composition of artistic elements

The perfection of layering just the right amount of color, texture and pattern; while weaving in the delicate nature of light and shadow to create ambiance and harmony.